Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Tole Painting Bug

Then I learned tole painting. (painting on wood). I got so into the tole painting that I went out and bought myself a scroll saw so that I could cut my own wood how and when I wanted it. I created works of art to sell at craft bazaar's. I made a few dollars, but nothing to live on by any means. I painted a lot of things and gave them away. I enjoy giving my art away as gifts more than making money from them. I eventually got bigger patterns, bigger wood and more supplies.
I stocked up on paint. I went to the local craft store and bough one bottle of every color in my favorite brand of paint. I bought a huge assortment of paint brushes, a painting pallet, a paint brush caddy, a paint organizer, water buckets for cleaning the brushes and an apron.

I cut the wood, painted it and glued plastic plug covers on the back. They hid the receptacles.

Some blocks I painted

Advent Calendar with removable pieces

An Eastery Gift for a friend

I gave this to good friend, Jamie. She has it displayed in her Kitchen window.

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