Sunday, March 8, 2009

The first PAID vacation

I earned a two weeks paid vacation for being with the company for 2 years. I only took a week, but what a week it was. I flew for the very first time (puked terribly on the way down) to Pennsylvania. My sister took her vacation at the same time. We drove over 1100 miles and took 566 photos. We went to Lancaster which is where a lot of Amish folks are. I will add more photos of the trip later. We went to Atlantic City, New Jersey to the boardwalk and casinos. It was cool, but my sister had been there during the summer and said that it is much better during that time because of the sun, people, vendors and color. I didn't mind it tho. It was very nice. She took me to the Gettysburg battlefield. We drove around and checked it out most of the day. It was absolutely amazing. The fields went on forever and the monuments were everywhere. My sister was hoping to see ghosts. With her...everything pertains to finding a ghost.
We visited the Hershey Chocolate World and took a tour. The town smells like chocolate and the street lights were the shape of chocolate kisses. The theme park wasn't opened, but it was cool looking all the same.
I stayed with my sister and her family for 7 full days and sure had a good time. I wouldn't mind going back.

This is actually the same tree as below. It isn't white really - it's camouflage. I have never seen anything like it.

This was entering part of the Gettysburg battle field. The white trees were my favorite. They only looked white from far away.

This house is grey-green. I fell in love with it.

A cemetery on one of our road trips.

A cabin in the woods. Looks so inviting.

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