Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The last day of June - Photos

I made a quick parts run for work today and swung by the park for this awesome photo from Thea Fossway

A very pretty truck at Walgreen's after work

Camaron's coleus from seeds

My Mother's Day Plant Camaron bought from his school plant sale.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Marina

From the Marina


Tree growing within the piling

Grass growing too.

Sand Sculpture, chainsaw carving and kites

Front of the '55 T-bird

Cool Couple

Back of the '55 T-bird.
There was an opening where the drivers door would have been so little kids could stand in it and get their pictures taken.

This is actually a bar. It's got the tikki's on both ends and stools on both sides.

Penguin Kite

Colorful Kite

Two panda bear kites

In the town of Satsop


Out in the country

Big Red Barn

More farmland in Satsop

Wild Life along the way

Trying to hide behind the lamp post

Nervous, but careful

Always trying to hide
Had enough photos

Farmland at Satsop

Good Ol' #25

Pond at Ocean Shores

Pond at Ocean Shores



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Turned into watercolor photos

The first 5 photos below have been turned into watercolor photos with a click of a button. But I really like how they turned out. Just thought I would share them. If you click on any one of my photos you can see it full size. (Huge)

Out for another lunchtime drive

I took all of these photos today. I took a drive to North Tacoma during lunch and then after work I took a drive to my favorite spot to see the mountain. As I was leaving the area, I noticed a road I never noticed before. I drove down and was able to take the photos of the Orting Valley and the sign photos.

Mt Rainier with Orting Valley

Mt Rainier and Orting Valley

Tree in the window

Tree in the window in the middle

Tree in the window - window in the middle - Middle of the tower - In Tacoma

Snack between friends

Pink Roses

Daisies and wooden fence

Lovely entry in North Tacoma

Perfect sign for Mt Rainier no matter where you are.

Oddly trimmed trees

Very cozy porch in North Tacoma

Maple and Pine

On the other side of THIS fence it happens to be greener.