Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Birthday Road Trip with my Daughter 3-21

Gracie and I set out on the road at 2pm. We got a late start. We were on a Birthday (mine) Road Trip to Mt. Vernon and then Deception Pass. We didn't get lost and we only made one pitstop along the way. The bridge is so high above the water and the cars drive so close to you while you are walking on the bridge, that Gracie freaked out a little bit. We crossed the bridge by going under it and came up on the other side. She wasn't as nervous on the other side. She even managed to take a few pictures with her camera. We spit our gum over the side and it took a long time to hit the water.
We really had a good time and got quite a few good photos. I'm about to share a few before I go to bed. Let me know what you thnk.

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