Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Few Bugs

I've got the bug! Actually a few bugs, to be honest with you. I have a writing bug, a painting bug, a photography bug and even a love bug.

By bugs - I'm referring to a contagious itch kinda bug. For instance, I go through a period of wanting to write something. I sit down and write letters (that I never send), I write notes to my kids, I right in journals and sometimes doodle. I just get the bug to have a pen in my hand and to write.

A few years ago I caught the writing bug and I found out that I could write poetry. I wrote about everything. I wrote about my kids, my friends, holidays, growing up, legos, love, home school, name it...I wrote a poem about it. My style of writing was rhyming. I would write one line and the next line would have to rhyme. I would take the word and stroll through the alphabet until I came up with something that would pertain to what I was writing. I really enjoyed it. My nephew sent me a book called "Rhyming Dictionary". It was such a good tool. I no longer had to think up the words. I just looked up the root word and it listed rhyming words.
Feel free to check out some of my poetry at type in my first name: Fonda and Last name: Nelson.
Okay...So I'm writing and writing and writing poetry. Then one day ...a brick wall!! I would start writing and just couldn't get focused so I gave up and moved on to something else. I'm sure the writing bug will eventually come back to me, but for's blocked.
I moved on to something else. A different kind of bug. I taught myself how to paint using fabric paint. I don't free hand unfortunately, but I would trace patterns onto material (aprons, t-shirts, curtains, hoops, banners or whatever) and then paint them like you would in a coloring book.

My model is my son that is now 18.


A Lamp Shade

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