Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Out for another lunchtime drive

I took all of these photos today. I took a drive to North Tacoma during lunch and then after work I took a drive to my favorite spot to see the mountain. As I was leaving the area, I noticed a road I never noticed before. I drove down and was able to take the photos of the Orting Valley and the sign photos.

Mt Rainier with Orting Valley

Mt Rainier and Orting Valley

Tree in the window

Tree in the window in the middle

Tree in the window - window in the middle - Middle of the tower - In Tacoma

Snack between friends

Pink Roses

Daisies and wooden fence

Lovely entry in North Tacoma

Perfect sign for Mt Rainier no matter where you are.

Oddly trimmed trees

Very cozy porch in North Tacoma

Maple and Pine

On the other side of THIS fence it happens to be greener.

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