Friday, June 12, 2009


Okay...So the big day is tomorrow at 10am. Everything is planned. Invitations are out. We are ready. He comes home from friend's house and is getting ready for bed. I say..."does your shirt and or pants need to be pressed?" Surprise...they sure do. So I begin ironing and say..."will you please get your cap, tassle and gown out and bring them into the livingroom to be sure it is all ready?"
He brings the gown out and says, "Ok...I'm panicking. I can't find my cap and tassle?" So we walk in his room and look everywhere and I mean everywhere. I'm getting frustrated. He is sweating it and looking in the same spots again in case he missed it the first time. Nope...nothing. I suggest to him that he sits down and backtracks. So he starts thinking....thinking....thinking....11:45pm...he should be in bed getting rest for the big day...OMG...he found it. It was folded flat and put between some paperwork. He remembered organizing his papers and placing it there. Thank you God!!
He is pressed, shaped (haircut), and ready to Graduate. HOORAY!! Let's Pray for a GREAT day.

Dear God,

Thank you for everything you have guided me through. I know there has to be some crazy reason that I am going through so much right now. I understand that you work in mysterious ways and let me tell you....not a whole lot makes sense to me right now...but I'm sure there is good to come of it. I struggle with so much trying to understand and trying to make sense of it all. But it all comes back to you...I know deep in my heart that you are there for me. Please keep doing what you do me the way and know that I do believe.

Do I have to say AMEN?

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