Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Signs of Spring

This morning I watched the news and they were telling me that today was going to be an okay day as far as the weather. It was 38° at 5:30am and by noon it is suppose to be 48°. They say by 5pm it will be 57°. Sounds like an okay day to me. So I got my shower, got dressed and rounded up the kids to head to work and school. Went out to the car and scraped away the ice that had formed overnight. Turned around and looked at the cherry tree and decided to get the camera out. Very happy I did.
It's now 9:05am and the clouds are burning off a bit and the sun is shining through. I want to leave work....there are more photos to be taken....

I took this photo through my sunroof yesterday while sitting on the freeway waiting for an accident to be cleared. 4-14-09

Sammy the serpent in my front yard.

The following photos were taken 4-15-09 at 6:30am. You can see the little bit of pink in the sky from the sunrise.... It's the cutest little cherry tree.

Sammy was working his way through the flowerbed.

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