Sunday, July 19, 2009

Star of the Show

I took a drive over to my cousin's house in Spanaway. Along the way...I took these photos. I consider this a Great Mount Rainier Day.

This is taken from 176th Street at the Sunrise Clinic.

This was taken from 176th Street and Meridian in the Walgreens parking lot. About 10 minutes later than the photo above.

This was taken on the way home from the cousin's. I was on 144th above Orting. I just love it when the mountain is peaking through.

This too was taken at the Sunrise Clinic on 176th. I really liked the flow of the green grass.

This is my day's favorite. I was driving down a familiar road by Cedar Crest Jr. High...can't remember what street I was on...I could take you there though. As I came to the top of a hill I saw the barn...didn't stop. As I got to the bottom of the hill...there was that Mountain peeking through again. I turned my truck around, parked it on the side of the road...walked about a block to get the view and Ta Da...
Apple Orchard, Red Barn, Fir Trees, and the absolutel star of the show...Mount Rainier.

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